Hi there, I'm Alison.  Thanks for visiting!

As a Functional/Integrative Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist in practice for 20 years, I have seen professionally and personally, the power of nourishing food to transform people’s lives. I founded Strategic Nutrition Design, a nutrition consulting agency 2 years ago because I knew in this capacity, there were infinite ways that I could use my nutrition expertise to help brands build great products, for people and the planet, while helping individuals improve their health and wellbeing.  


  As a teen, like so many other young people, I was profoundly impacted by diet culture and the low carb craze of the 90’s.  By 19, I had developed an eating disorder and compulsions for exercise that flew under the radar for many years.  I developed severe gut and hormonal imbalances that caused brain fog, paralyzing fatigue, confusion, anxiety, joint pains and headaches.  There were days I struggled to do all the things I needed to do to keep my life moving forward. 

My own healing journey has helped me to understand on a deep level the healing power of nourishing food.  By working with a Functional Medicine doctor specializing in digestive disorders and using food as medicine, I was able to heal.  


Food is one of life's simple pleasures and the foundation on which we may build rich, productive lives filled with passion and purpose.  My mission is to make it easier for us all to choose better, for ourselves and our planet. 

That means using food as medicine to help individuals treat chronic health conditions that are impacting their quality of life. 


It means helping brands build good products that will improve our food environment.  Our country is in a health crisis with easy access to inexpensive, processed foods that are making us sick. The ways these foods are produced is also putting immense strain on the environment.  This highlights the opportunity for anyone in the business of food to take an active role in changing the foodscape. 

That means making nourishing food that's over the top delicious, more accessible - because we all have the right to healthy, great tasting food.  


It also means respecting that what's right for me, isn't necessarily what's right for you - that we all come with our own blueprint and respond to food in different ways. 


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"Alison Acerra is a superstar. She is highly motivated, takes initiative, is easy to work with and keeps looking to learn new skills. She's among the very best project managers I've ever worked with in my career and didn't miss a single deadline in her time working with me. If you get a chance to work with Alison, grab it with both hands."
-Deepak Sekar, Past Founder, CEO Chowbotics

"Alison is a world-class expert on nutrition and the insights needed to navigate these unprecedented times. I've had the honour of collaborating with Alison to build educational sessions both internally for our sales and leaderships teams, and externally for our prospects and partners. The experience has always been valuable as she takes a thought leadership approach that we all benefit from. She is the ideal partner for any business looking to enhance its nutritional expertise and stay ahead of the curve with the timely insights needed to enhance workplace well-being internally and externally." 
--Kay Boamah, Head of Strategy, TDI Firm, Head of Sales, Dishcraft 

"Alison, you are AMAZING...thank you for doing this webinar with us.  You brought tremendous value to our audience and you're such a natural on the panel.  I really appreciate the time and expertise you put into this.  I really enjoyed working with you..."
--Kristie Lewis, Director Marketing, Chowbotics @ Doordash