About me...

Hi there, I'm Alison and I founded Strategic Nutrition Design because I believe that delicious, nourishing food is not only one of life's simple pleasures, it’s also a basic necessity - the foundation on which we may build rich, productive lives filled with joy and purpose. 

I have been a Dietitian for nearly 20 years and an eater for much longer.  I've seen food trends come and go and like countless others have been a victim of the 66 billion dollar diet industry that has created fear and frustration around food, weight and body image.  My personal experience has been a foundation for my professional path. 

My mission is to make it easier for us all to choose better. And that starts with making nourishing food that's over the top delicious, more accessible - because we all have the right to healthy, great tasting food.  It means respecting that what's right for me, isn't necessarily what's right for you - that we all come with our own blueprint and respond to food in different ways.  Lastly, it means promoting healthy, balanced messages about food and nutrition, giving people the information they need to make the right personal choices. 

Why Good Food At Work?

Here's what her colleagues are saying...

Alison is a world-class expert on nutrition and the insights needed to navigate these unprecedented times. I've had the honour of collaborating with Alison to build educational sessions both internally for our sales and leaderships teams, and externally for our prospects and partners. The experience has always been valuable as she takes a though leadership approach that we all benefit from. She is the ideal partner for any business looking to enhance its nutritional expertise and stay ahead of the curve with the timely insights needed to enhance workplace well-being internally and externally. 

"Alison Acerra is a superstar. She is highly motivated, takes initiative, is easy to work with and keeps looking to learn new skills. She's among the very best project managers I've ever worked with in my caree and didn't miss a single deadline in her time working with me. If you get a chance to work with Alison, grab it with both hands."

-Deepak Sekar, Founder, CEO Chowbotics

-Kay Boamah, Head of Connections

Oh My Green

People are more confused than ever.  It's no surprise, "what should I eat?, such a simple  question, has become needlessly complicated.  

And people need answers. There's no denying it.  Our country is in a health crisis with a food environment packed with inexpensive, processed foods that are making us sick. This highlights the opportunity for anyone in the business of food to take an active role in changing the foodscape.   

Given how much time we spend at work, employers fundamentally have a huge role to play and I'm inspired and excited to offer my support  in helping them change the course.

"She has a natural sense for leadership and demonstrates an uncanny ability to point out the necessary considerations that matter in decision making. She is extremely knowledgable and offered keen insights when we were crafting our company's brand story. Her ability to juggle between creativity and precise execution made a great difference in the projects we did together."

-Mara Behrens, VP Marketing & Design


Professional Background

Alison recently worked as VP Nutrition for Chowbotics, a robotics company revolutionizing fresh, healthy food. Prior, she served as National Director of Nutrition Strategy at Guckenheimer, one of the top foodservice management companies in the U.S. In her role, she defined and directed the Nutrition Strategy that helped position the company as an industry leader in health and wellness.  She began her career as a clinical dietitian and moved on as Culinary Nutritionist at Bon Appetit at Google before transitioning to Apple as a Corporate Wellness Dietitian.

Alison has been called upon to speak to a variety of professional organizations including HR groups, physicians, allied health professionals and Silicon Valley employees. She has also co-authored Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies, 2nd edition and served as a workgroup contributor to the Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense Clinical Practice Guideline For Screening and Management of Overweight and Obesity.  She was also recently chosen as an Advisor for the Nourishment Concept within the International Well Building Institute where she offers her expertise on designing food environments that support health and wellbeing.