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What We Do

As a foodmaker, you know how much it takes to make your food dream a reality. Hours of product testing and tweaking, packaging, distribution...the list goes on. Beyond something delicious, your potential eaters are looking for new, innovative ingredients that serve a functional purpose (aka functional foods) while meeting their lifestyle preferences (gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, etc.). With our love for all things culinary, along with experience and know-how, let’s collaborate on ways we can help you maximize delicious without sacrificing nutritious.  


Key Areas of Focus

Plant-Based Foods

Alternative & Plant-based Proteins

Functional Foods & Ingredients

Better-For-You Products

We get excited to help mission driven brands bring good things to the world and can help you from ideation to launch and everything in between. By keeping a  pulse on consumer and industry trends as well as the state of health, nutrition and sustainability science we help you develop differentiating products that customers love.  

"We really appreciated the fast turn around and are excited to work the content into our web page.  The quality was awesome!  We will definitely be in touch with additional needs as they arise."

--Steve Gmelin, VP Digital Digital Sales & Strategy, Aloha

Brand Development


We translate the science and help you connect your brand to your customers by building a story around the health and sustainability benefits of your products. 



We help you establish nutrition and sustainability thought leadership in order to bring value to your consumers, peers and the industry as a whole. 


We build brand loyalty and awareness through a targeted content strategy and roadmap; white papers, website development, educational content, inflluencer campaigns, podcasts, blogs and social media. 

Product Development


We do a deep dive to fully understand the market in order to develop delicious food concepts that meet your consumers wants and needs. 



We help you leverage nutritional science and functional ingredients in order to build health promoting products that align with your brand's mission and values. 


We help you launch and sell your product through a variety of marketing channels. 

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