Building brands and products that are good for people and our planet. 

Nutrition & Sustainability Strategy For Mission-Driven Business

We know what a difference maker sustainably produced, nourishing food can be.  The global pandemic has brought into laser focus for consumers the importance of diet in maintaining healthy mind and body.  In late 2020, 77% of survey responders declared 'health and wellbeing' as a major driver of their food purchases. 


Sustainably produced food is also crucial in our fight against climate change, deemed the "defining issue off our time." 

Mission-driven brands can be leaders in bringing products to the world that sustain better health, while conserving vital land, energy and water resources while being good to those who produce them.   

We are inspired to help you be part of the solution. 

Strategic Nutrition Design provides services that incorporate best practices customized for your business. These strategies are sustainable, scalable and differentiating so that you can achieve business success...all while doing right by people and our planet.

Past & Current Customers We Love

Meet Alison Acerra MS, RDN

Founder, Chief Strategist

Alison Acerra MS RDN is a seasoned nutrition professional with nearly 2 decades of experience partnering with mission driven brands, employers, foodservice management and food tech companies.  

Alison offers a unique combination of strategic thinking and process management to her clients, ensuring seamless development and execution of all deliverables.  With her extensive background as a nutrition and sustainability  professional, Alison is a high performer who remains in  strong integrity to the science while closely following consumer trends in order to meet her clients' business objectives.


Alison has 15 years of experience building  "Food at Work" programs that have translated directly into measurable results and ROI on improved food selection, health related outcomes and reduced insurance premiums for employers. Learn more here

What People Are Saying

"Alison is a world-class expert on nutrition and the insights needed to navigate these unprecedented times. I've had the honour of collaborating with Alison to build educational sessions both internally for our sales and leaderships teams, and externally for our prospects and partners. The experience has always been valuable as she takes a thought leadership approach that we all benefit from. She is the ideal partner for any business looking to enhance its nutritional expertise and stay ahead of the curve with the timely insights needed to enhance workplace well-being internally and externally." 

--Kay Boamah, Head of Strategy, TDI Firm, Head of Sales, Dishcraft 

"Alison has a natural sense for leadership and demonstrates an uncanny ability to point out the necessary considerations that matter in decision making. She is extremely knowledgable and offered keen insights when we were crafting our company's brand story. Her ability to juggle between creativity and precise execution made a great difference in the projects we did together."

--Mara Behrens, VP Marketing & Design, Chowbotics

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