Building brands and products that are good for people and our planet. 

Nutrition & Sustainability Strategy For Mission-Driven Business

We know what a difference maker sustainably produced, nourishing food can be.  The global pandemic has brought into laser focus for consumers the importance of diet in maintaining healthy mind and body.  In late 2020, 77% of survey responders declared 'health and wellbeing' as a major driver of their food purchases. 


Sustainably produced food is also crucial in our fight against climate change, deemed the "defining issue off our time." Mission-driven brands can be leaders in bringing products to the world that sustain better health, while conserving vital land, energy and water resources while being good to those who produce them.   

We are inspired to help you be part of the solution. 

Strategic Nutrition Design provides services that incorporate best practices customized for your business. These strategies are sustainable, scalable and differentiating so that you can achieve business success...all while doing right by people and our planet.

Businesses We Serve...

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What We Do


Nutrition Standards

Menu & Recipe Development


Communications & Marketing

Business Development & Strategy

Technology Platform Developmnent

Media & PR

Businesses We've Proudly Served

"Alison has a natural sense for leadership and demonstrates an uncanny ability to point out the necessary considerations that matter in decision making. She is extremely knowledgeable and offered keen insights when we were crafting our company's brand story. Her ability to juggle between creativity and precise execution made a great difference in the projects we did together. I highly recommend her."
--Mara Behrens, Head of Marketing & Design, Chowbotics at Doordash

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Food/Wellbeing Brands & CPGs

As a foodmaker, you know how much it takes to make your food dream a reality. Hours of product testing and tweaking, packaging, distribution...the list goes on. Beyond something delicious, your potential eaters are looking for new, innovative ingredients that serve a functional purpose (aka functional foods) while meeting their lifestyle preferences (gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, etc.). With our love for all things culinary, along with experience and know-how, let’s collaborate on ways we can help you maximize delicious without sacrificing nutritious.  

Key Areas of Focus

Plant-Based Foods

Alternative & Plant-based Proteins

Functional Foods & Ingredients

Better-For-You Products


"We really appreciated the fast turn around and are excited to work the content into our web page.  The quality was awesome!  We will definitely be in touch with additional needs as they arise."

--Steve Gmelin, VP Digital Digital Sales & Strategy, Aloha

Brand Development

"Alison is a unique combination of nutrition expert, anthropologist, and strategic business partner. She’s incredibly thorough with her research and understanding; has insatiable curiosity and desire to learn; and is able to translate her perspective into a holistic business recommendation. I cannot recommend her enough!"

--Suzanne Sengelmann, Chief Brand Officer, Sensitive Home


We translate the science and help you connect your brand to your customers by building a story around the health and sustainability benefits of your products. 


Thought Leadership


We help you establish nutrition and sustainability thought leadership in order to bring value to your consumers, peers and the industry as a whole. 


We build brand loyalty and awareness through a targeted content strategy and roadmap; white papers, website development, educational content, inflluencer campaigns, podcasts, blogs and social media. 


Product Development

Ideation & Research


We do a deep dive to fully understand the market in order to develop delicious food concepts that meet your consumers wants and needs. 



We help you leverage nutritional science and functional ingredients in order to build health promoting products that align with your brand's mission and values. 

Ingredients & Formulations
Marketing & Sales


We help you launch and sell your product through a variety of marketing channels. 

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