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Creating Innovative Cafes That Help Your Employees Live Their Best Life.
Your onsite cafe is an important amenity that can help you keep your best people and keep them thriving.

What We Do

Sure your employees can work from home, but ever wish they would rather be at work? We help employers and their food service management partners build innovative corporate cafes that nourish thriving employees - we help you feed them so well, they live well, thrive and keep coming back every day for more. 

Whether you want to build a nutritious cafe, catering or snack program that supports your employees’ productivity, drives better engagement, delivers on health outcomes or simply because you think it’s the right thing to do, we can help.


Who We've Worked With

Why We Do It

We know what a difference maker nourishing, delicious food can be. It fuels innovation, creativity and collaboration; it's the foundation of health, happiness and a high performing team driven by purpose. Oh yeah, and it makes really good business sense.  

Read more here on the business case.

Who We Serve


Food Service Management Companies

Strategic Partners

Alison is a seasoned nutrition professional with over 16 years of experience defining and directing wellness-focused food programs for leading corporations and food service management companies.  She applies a unique combination of strategic planning and project management skills to her work which have translated into measurable results and ROI on improved food selection, health related outcomes  and reduced insurance premiums.


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Meet Alison Acerra MS, RDN

Founder, Chief Strategist

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