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Healing your digestion so you can get back to living the life you love.  

Are you experiencing unexplainable symptoms: brain fog, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, migraines, itchy skin, paralyzing fatigue, depression...and told by your doctor there isn't anything wrong? 

Or maybe uncontrollable food cravings, stubborn weight, weight gain? 

Have you been recently diagnosed with a health condition and skeptical of taking medications to manage it? 

Or feeling listless, burned out, exhausted or just "kind of ok?"

You have no energy to show up for your life...and yet, you know so much more is possible. 

I've been there and I can help. 


"I have been having health and diet issues for years.  I started working wth Alison and I saw immediate results within 2 weeks following her personalized recommendations. Alison is easy to work with, never judging, she listens to you and sets up an easy to follow game plan. With the recommended diet changes and supplements, my gut is finally on the mend and I've managed to drop a few pounds.  Gone are the days of bloating, gas and cramping after eating.  I'm finally feeling more energetic and back to my old self, or should I say new self! I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison!  She has made me love food again!"  

Tricia, Santa Cruz, CA 

I get to know the whole you and build a nutrition strategy that helps you get to whole health. 

I am a Functional Registered Dietitian and take a holistic, personalized approach to help you meet your wellbeing goals.  I take the time to hear your story and through a collaborative and systematic process, gather clues that uncover the root cause of your symptoms and health issues.  Working beyond conventional practice, I use the best available evidence and incorporate natural/alternative approaches including whole foods, appropriate nutritional supplementation and a host of mind-body modalities in order to help you achieve whole health and better balance. 

"Before meeting with Alison, I was struggling with fatigue and my digestion just wasn't right.   I am a fairly healthy eater, but I was looking to take my health to the next level. Working with Alison she was able to quickly identify foods that I can easily introduce into my diet that will help me improve my gut health and overall energy levels. She is extremely thoughtful knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed to do to up-level my health."

Tanya, Orinda, CA




GI Issues

Depression / Anxiety / Brain Fog 

Food Cravings

Stubborn Weight
Skin Issues / Joint Pain



IBS, IBD, Crohn's, Leaky gut
Mood Disorders
Diabetes / Heart Disease / High BP

PCOS / PMS / Hormonal Imbalances
Weight Management
Plant-Based / Therapeutic Diets
Food Allergies / Sensitivities

The Journey - What To Expect 

Our work together begins with a thorough intake of your health history, environmental triggers, goals and challenges in meeting them.  I review your 3 day food record and provide you with an overall assessment - what's working for you, and the places you may be getting tripped up. All packages include thorough  pre-meeting preparation and a follow up plan with detailed and doable action steps covering nutrition, movement and mindfulness - a holistic approach that will help you meet your desired goals. 

Each follow up session reviews your progress since our last session and together we set new goals that will help keep you moving forward.  Besides arming you with more knowledge about how to manage your health condition, we spend plenty of time working on strategy so we can eliminate the barriers getting in your way.  Additionally...

Full access to client portal, food & symptom tracker

Comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle assessment

Laboratory orders & analysis (if necessary)

Professional grade nutritional supplementation, monitoring & discounted rates

Extensive meal planning & recipe library


And last, to keep you on track, and ensure your success, unlimited email / text support during duration of package.

 The journey to whole health is not always simple and quick; this is why there are a variety of packages at different timelines so we can choose the best fit for you. 

"I just had a great session with Alison! I came into our work with a history of disordered eating, restricting certain food groups, long fasting periods, etc. This caused me to obsess over food and I often found myself either under-eating or over-eating. Alison helped me see that some of my eating patterns, that I'd deemed as "healthy", were actually causing me to have more cravings! I realized that restrictive diets that remove entire macronutrients are not sustainable in the long-term and contributed to my disordered eating habits. I'm excited to now focus on a healthy balance of foods and work on listening to my body's hunger cues rather than trying to fit into rigid dieting methods. I'm also excited to dig into the emotional aspect of my eating patterns and uncover which beliefs are still negatively influencing me, and then letting go of the beliefs that no longer serve me. Alison is very intuitive and got down to the root of many of my patterns and I would recommend her to anyone looking to eat in a more intuitive and stress-free way!"

--Lauren, San Francisco, CA

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I'm not sure when my symptoms started...brain fog, paralyzing fatigue, bouts of depression and anxiety, difficulty concentrating.  Active and following a diet balanced with enough protein, quality carbs, healthy oils and plenty of fruits and veggies, I was doing all the “right” things. But it was clear something was most definitely not right.

My research led me to a Functional Medicine Doctor who helped me find the root cause of my strange and unexplainable symptoms.  Stool tests searching for parasites and signs of nutrient malabsorption, urine analysis and extensive blood work revealed some food sensitivies, leaky gut, and inflammation.  

 This is where my journey as an Integrative Functional Nutritionist began.

Healing my gut was how I got my life back. Let's you and I heal yours so you can get back to living the life you love. 

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