Your guests are savvier than ever - not only do they come to you for a delicious meal, they come with increasingly complicated questions and requests - gluten-free, vegan, low FODMAP, keto (to name just a few).  It can be difficult to satisfy your consumers’ demands for personalized options, but developing solutions can differentiate your business, build loyal customers and generate profits. Whether a restaurant, work-place, school or hotel, our team of Registered Dietitians can provide the expertise you need to navigate these challenges in your operation. 

Americans are enjoying many more meals outside the home and now more than ever, your eaters are driving demand for:


  • deliciously innovative menus and food products that meet their unique lifestyle preferences.

  • 100% transparency, asking questions like “what’s in my food” and “where did it come from.”  

  • technology to help them make better choices for their health.

  • sustainable menu options that help them reduce their carbon footprint. 

  • Services

  • Menu Development

  • Strategic Wellness Partnerships

  • Nutriton Standards & Guardrails

  • Signage and Choice Guidance

  • Menu Management System Strategy

  • Culinary Nutrition Training

  • B2B & B2C Marketing & Communications

  • POS Consumption Data & Analytics

  • Allergen Awareness: Labelling & Staff Training


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