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Are you seeking to build a strong food at work program that supports your employees’ wellbeing and productivity, drives better engagement and  delivers on health outcomes? 

 Or maybe you want to help your employees navigate work at home in the Age of Covid with virtual seminars and workshops that educate and empower your people to practice healthier habits at home. 

 Maybe you want to do both because its going to take multiple solutions to keep your employees well, and because you think it’s the right thing to do. 

We can help.  Our team has defined a set of nutrition strategies for Food At Work programs that have led to measurable impact on employee satisfaction, food choices, health outcomes and insurance premiums. 

Virtual Events

New threats to employee health and safety are shifting workforces to the home office. While our “normal” state of work has gone away, the need to keep employees healthy, happy and productive has not.  Employers must seek out new ways to support the mental, physical and emotional health of their people.

The work-from-home contingent needs support to learn skills on how to nourish themselves for optimal wellbeing. 


Topic Examples Include:  

  • Eating For Immunity: What Really Works?

  • Feeding The Good Gut

  • Eating For 2 - The Planet & You

  • Hungry, Or Emotional

  • 5 Food Strategies to Kick Stress

  • Fast, Convenient & Affordable Meals

  • Eating Well on a Budget

Choose from a variety of engaging and relevant nutrition and lifestyle topics presented by one of our all-star nutrition experts.  These seminars merge nutrition science with practical recommendations that support individuals on their path to improved health and wellbeing with good food.


Our seminars explain the what, why and how - with specific and actionable steps to put learning into practice.

Food At Work

We work with your team/onsite foodservice provider to build a food environment that makes it easy for your employees to make great choices for their health and wellbeing. There are multiple 'levers' that can be pulled to guide food choices; we implement the strategy that's right for your operation and guide the execution on each of them.

Services Include
Choice Guidance System (development and implementation)
Food Choice Architecture 

Pricing Structures
Technology / Menuing Integration
Strategic Wellness Partnerships 
POS Data & Analytics
Performance Food Programs
Onsite Wellness Services

The Business Case

1 in 3 Americans with pre-diabetes

9 in 10 with pre-diabetes don't know they have it

6 in 10 have 1 diet-related chronic disease

450 million more sick days 

$225 billion in productivity losses

$1685 productivity losses/employee/year

Unhealthy Food Comes At A High Cost

The cumulative impact of unhealthy food environments falls squarely on the shoulder of employers who must bear the burden of a disengaged workforce, poor company performance and rising health insurance premiums.  The annual cost to care for an employee with 1 modifable risk factor is $1837, 30% higher.  The corporate cafe is an opportunity to dramatically impact employee health and wellbeing and can be leveraged to serve as an extension of a company's corporate wellness program. 

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Good Food Boosts Morale & Shows You Care

Personal food preferences have shifted dramatically over the past several decades.  Some are following special diets to manage weight related chronic health problems while others are managing life-threatening food allergies and sensitivities. Mounting concerns over the health of our environment are shaping food choices while others are simply looking to hack their performance with food.  Updating your onsite food program with health and sustainability in mind is a way you can show your employees you are listening and you care.  The impact this will have on employee morale and loyalty will pay for itself in dividends.  

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